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Connect with an intellectual property attorney in Fort Worth, TX

Your business, your brand, and the products you provide should be appropriately protected to serve your business goals. Reach out to attorney Don Tiller to discuss how he may help with your intellectual property issues. Learn more about:

  • Patent application assistance
  • Patent prosecution representation
  • Copyright registration assistance
  • Copyright infringement avoidance
  • Federal trademark assistance
  • Trademark prosecution representation
  • License agreement drafting
  • Intellectual property contract service
  • Mr. Tiller spent over a decade deploying, inventing, and developing technology as a field engineer, R&D scientist, and R&D project manager. Since 2008, Mr. Tiller has been helping others build and protect businesses by helping them navigate a wide variety of intellectual property issues. He's proud to help clients navigate the often complex intellectual property issues involved in founding, launching, building, and protecting a business.
    Would you like help leveraging and safeguarding your intellectual property? Call 817-928-4361 now to speak with an intellectual property attorney. D. Tiller Law PLLC, based in Forth Worth, TX, is happy to serve.

    How can attorney Tiller assist you?

    Whether need a copyright or patent lawyer, you've found the right firm. You can turn to attorney Tiller for assistance with:

    • Patents - protect your invention by filing for a patent
    • Trademarks - solidify and protect your brand for your business
    • Copyrights - keep your intellectual property protected with a copyright

    In addition to serving as your intellectual property attorney, he can assist with business formation and licensing contracts. Attorney Tiller can guide you through the formation process to establish your business and help you obtain the necessary trademarks to protect your brand. With his support, you can feel confident in your business. Contact him today if you're looking for a patent lawyer.

    Business Benefits of Intellectual Property

    Connect with an intellectual property attorney in Fort Worth, TX

    Whether it is through patent, trade secrets, trademark, or copyright, I assist individuals and businesses to best position themselves to benefit from their work. The business advantages that intellectual property law provides include:

    • Securing Product-Differentiation Advantages - Assuring that your product is unique will help it stand out in the marketplace. Competitors cannot simply incorporate your legally protected idea into their products.
    • Securing Branding Advantages - Establishing a brand personality with trademarks can improve your reputation in the community. Competitors cannot appropriate your trademarked content.
    • Securing Technological Advantages - Competitors in the United States may want to appropriate your product or operational advantages by using your technology. However, they are not able to use your properly protected technology.
    • Securing Business Advantages - Your competitors from the United States may want to incorporate your marketing or operational advantages into their own business by using your business knowledge, but they are unable to take your properly protected information.

    I strive to help my clients take their ideas from initial concepts to thriving business ventures.

    As someone who has personally worked as a developer and created products from start to finish, I know what foundations need to be laid to create a successful launch. Using my knowledge of technology and business, I am able to guide the residents of Texas through the process, too, by providing insightful advice from the legal side

    Identify Potential Industry Value

    There is merit in every idea. Together, we can find what makes your ideas unique and build them from the ground up. With my knowledge of our economy and technological trends coupled with your vision, we collaborate on a strategic plan of action. I can research the data and assist you in finding out where you can fit into the marketplace.

    Protect Your Intellectual Property

    With the ease of access to technology and information, it is always a wise idea to make sure you have covered all of your bases. Securing a patent can instantly set you apart from the crowd. In the long run, it can protect you from potential headaches and stress.

    Work to Help Your Business Grow

    Creativity is key when it comes to running a successful business. As a business owner myself, I get it. At D. Tiller Law PLLC, I have been assisting inventors and business people with their IP needs since 2014. My firm proudly serves the areas of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.